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Interior Design Tips: Color Influence in Store Design – part1

Interior Design is an important factor in making customers buy your products, from window display, products arrangement to lighting.

Interior Design  is an important factor in making customers buy your products, from window display, products arrangement to lighting. 

 But one of the basic yet the most important aspect in Interior Design that sometimes got neglected is color.  The factor that influence customers the most is the visual , it’s the most used sense for normal people and one of the most persuasive aspect in visual is color.

There are many kinds of color . Each of them can invoke a different emotion and make people do different action. Below are the examples of some color that people used the most:

Red  is the most “attention-grabbing” color. When you see the products at the grocery aisle in the supermarket, most of the products will have a red label. To announce sales, red color is a must because it can grab the customers’ attention easily.

Unfortunately, red is not a good color to have in excess. It’s an aggressive color that has been proven to be able to raise blood pressure and increase respiration rates, so if people keep seeing red color, they will easily get anxious and angry. Too much red can have a negative impact to a Retail Business because of those reasons stated above, so it’s not recommended to paint whole store in red color.


Pink is a happy, romantic, light-hearted color. It’s also one of the soothing color alongside green and blue. It’s also the color that most people consider cute, especially girls. But there is something about this color most people don’t know.

There was once a study conducted on dangerous prisoners. When the prisoners were locked in a cell with pink walls, the color calmed them – for about 20 minutes. After that, the color made the prisoners more violent than before they entered that pretty pink cell.

One thing that we must not forget is that, pink can be considered a mellowed red color, so the characteristic of red is still there, but only made largely unnoticeable.

Green is calming and refreshing, the color of nature. A popular color in home décor, studies have shown that green is relaxing and the easiest color on the eye . It is suitable for skin care store, relaxing-theme cafe or furniture store. That being said, be careful of using too much dark green in your store décor; it’s too easily equated with money. You want customers to shop in peace, not be concerned with the money they are about to spend. So to avoid this, use natural green color and not the color of money.

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