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Grocery Store Layout

What you don’t know about grocery store layout strategies could cost you a lot of hard earned money.

What you don’t know about grocery store layout strategies could cost you a lot of hard earned money.

This is even before you reach the most enticing impulse buy location in the store… the checkout. Learn these simple but frugal grocery shopping tips and save.

Have you ever wondered why your grocery store places the milk in the very back corner or puts the produce by the main entrance? Well it is not for your grocery savings, but for supermarket profit !

And, why do they move everything just when you have finally figured out where to find the instant rice or paper plates?

Did you know that a grocery store layout and location of each and every product is strategically planned?

Designed to lure you into the store, keep you there longer, and get you to spend more money? Founder’s note: If you are truly determined and want to save about $300 per month consider using our free Grocery411.com software to compare food prices here. 

Be Mindful of Grocery Store Layouts.

.Yes, there is someone sitting in a marketing office somewhere who has studied all our shopping habits in order to decide the most profitable place to put ketchup or cream cheese

But, if you are aware of their tactics, you will be able to resist the temptations and avoid overspending.

First Impressions Are Everything

When you enter your supermarket, the first things you will probably see in the grocery store layout are fresh produce and flowers.

Stores want to create a pleasant welcoming environment and show you that their products are fresh and appealing. Hence the clever grocery store layout.

If the produce is impressive, you will spend more money on fresh foods and be more likely to venture deeper into the store. And, you may even add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your shopping cart.

What to do:  Make a list and don’t give into the pretty colors or alluring aromas that are trying to get you to buy something you don’t need.

The Grocery Store Layout A Walking Tour :

Have you ever noticed that the milk and eggs are way back in the far corner? That the frozen vegetables are all the way on the opposite side of the store?

Again it’s all about the supermarket design and layout and marketer know precisely what they are doing. Staple items are deliberately placed all over so that you have to walk past as many nonessential items as possible.

It is also a great tactic for keeping you in the store longer; increasing the chances that you will spend more money.

So beware – you may be making a quick trip for a loaf of bread, but you are likely to pass down the candy aisle on your way to the bakery department.

What to do:  Again, stick to your list, stay focused, and don’t shop when you are hungry because that chocolate bar will look much more appealing if your stomach is growling.

And, if you can’t find something, ask a store employee rather than wandering aimlessly around and being tempted to buy a lot of things you don’t need.

Grocery Eye Level Placement

Studies have shown that most customers will grab the first brand they see of a particular item. Therefore stores will place the more expensive products – or the items that they most want you to buy at eye level. Want more grocery shopping tips read on.

The idea is that people who actually want the cheaper items will spend the time looking for them so they don’t have to be put in an easy to see spot. Even the most frugal shopper is still likely to choose the first brand they see if they are in a hurry.

Stores will also place items with “kid appeal” at children’s eye level in hopes that they will beg their parents to purchase these products.

What to do:  To maximize your grocery savings take the time to look at the products on the higher or lower shelves.

You may get a very comparable item for a much cheaper price. Also, shop at a time when you can leave your children at home, or put them in a cart so that their line of sight is above all the strategically placed kid appealing treats.

Grocery store layout is strategically planned to benefit the store, not the customers’ grocery savings. If you do your price comparisons ahead of time, make a list, and enter with a plan, you will not be fooled by their sneaky tactics designed to get you to overspend.


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