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How Supermarket Display Techniques Can Help You Sell

When was the last time you walked out of a grocery store with only one item?

When was the last time you walked out of a grocery store with only one item?

You go to the store to pick up milk. But you come out with several items you didn’t plan on buying. This happens to everyone. An overwhelming majority of grocery store purchase decisions are made inside the store. And it’s not a coincidence that the displays are masterful.

You can learn a lot about display just by browsing your local supermarket. The best ones to visit are the higher priced gourmet markets. The displays are stunning. And effective. They get shoppers to buy.

You can learn many tips for great displays by visiting the produce department of a gourmet supermarket.

Let’s look at three supermarket display techniques that you can borrow:

۱. Angled merchandise

۲. Colour                         

۳. Containers & Props


۱. Angled merchandise

When you browse the produce department, you’ll notice that most, if not all of the displays are angled, or tiered. That means the display is lowest at the front, and rises up towards the back. This technique is used to present more merchandise to the customer in a small space.

Presenting the merchandise this way also makes it look more attractive. You’ll notice that these displays look full and bountiful. There are also a number of different types of products arranged in layers. The variety of product makes these displays appear more attractive.

Let’s look at the second display technique.

۲. Colour

Once you start looking for colour in produce displays, you’ll start noticing it over and over. Produce is often displayed to make the colours appear more vibrant, attractive and mouth watering. This is done by placing contrasting colours next to each other.

In a large supermarket, it is rare to see a big cluster of green vegetables all together. You’ll see the green interspersed with bright colours. Green lettuce will be next to red leaf lettuce and radicchio. Green peppers next to red and yellow. Green apples next to red.

The contrasting colours are used in combination with the technique of angled merchandise. The produce department is full of artistic, still life arrangements to tempt us into buying. Yet most shoppers are unaware of how carefully each of these displays is planned to be visually pleasing. The colour in these arrangements is one of the biggest factors in making the produce tempting to shoppers.

This brings us to the final technique.

۳. Containers & Props

Supermarkets use carefully chosen containers and props to present their merchandise. When you browse the produce department you’ll see baskets and crates used for display. They are there purely to set the mood for the department. These are the tools the stores use to create the image of farm fresh produce. Although they do help hold the products, these containers serve mainly as props.

If you look closely at the baskets used in grocery stores, you’ll notice they aren’t completely filled with product. Most of them either have false bottoms, or are mainly filled with raffia or other filler.

Why is that? Well, produce looks appealing when it is mounded up and full. Not when you have to peer into the bottom of a basket to find it. Also, produce is heavy. A big basket filled with produce will be causing damage to the ones that are at the bottom. So, supermarkets keep their baskets full and overflowing by restocking them regularly.


Don’t be afraid to learn from the masters of display. Take these techniques and adapt them for your displays.

۱. Angled merchandise – use angled containers or risers to present merchandise

۲. Colour – contrast colours of products to create irresistible displays

۳. Containers & Props – mound products in attractive baskets and bins

With these display techniques, you can tempt your shoppers to leave your shop with more than just one item in hand.


Source: www.merchandisingblog.inspire.ca


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