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Role of Hypermarkets in Retail Industry

Mr. Khamessi,The Counselor of Tehran Chamber of Commerce:


Hypermarkets and Retail Industry


Mr. Khamessi's statements in brief:

The experience of chain stores goes back to pre-Revolution stage, however the retail industry in this field was not successful and prosperous until post-war stage, which started with Shahrvand chain stores, including 20 branches.

The expansion process of these kind of stores is significantly slow in Iran due to this belief that hypermarkets and chain stores have got in way of supermarkets, resulting in some kind of stagnation, which I believe is incorrect.

This kind of competition will result in providing customers with services of higher quality.

Offering all kinds of products to customers in various prices in this kind of chain stores and hypermarkets results in covering customers from all walks of life.

Issuing sales slip has made it possible to calculate the exact tax for hyper markets and chain stores, contrary to supermarkets.

In 6th Five Year Development Program, the expansion and development of chain stores and hypermarkets has been taken into significant consideration.

Source: اتاق بازرگانی صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی ایران




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