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Five Areas Manage and Grow Your Retail Store - part 1

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It's no secret that today's retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Not only are you competing with the store across town, but now, through online shopping, you are competing with stores all over the world. 


Still, when asked their preference, customers still prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store - as long as the experience is worth it that is. Making that experience great is the key and there are five main areas in your store that directly impact the customer's experience in your store - five areas that help you manage and grow your business.

Here are Five areas you need to focus on to manage and grow your retail store:


Customer Experience (the most important one)  

20 years ago, we used to say customer service was the most important element. Today, it's not about service; it is about the customer experience in your store. A quality, memorable experience happens when all aspects of your retail store are working together - from salespeople to policies to cleanliness to merchandising. You can drive your business by focusing on the experience in your store. 

  • 4 Strategies to WOW You Customers
  • Customer Experience Engineering
  • How to Secret Shop Your Store
  • Technology Will Ruin Retail


Inventory Management

One of the biggest impactors on customer experience is your inventory management. Being out of stock or assorted improperly can drive customers crazy. And since cash is king in retail, your ability to manage the inventory well is paramount to your retail store not only growing, but staying alive. 

  • What is Inventory Turnover?
  • Fill-ins Management 
  • How to Calculate GMROI 
  • Using Vendor Co-op Funds


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