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Customer Experience Engineering - part three


In the second part of this article, we focused on the tips for better engineering customer experience towards customer loyalty. Here are some other tips which can help you achieve this goal.

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Customer Experience Engineering - part two


In the first part of this article, we focused on the significance of looking at the retail store from customers'' point of view, not from an owner's perspective. We also discussed the importance of exceeding customers' expectations and directing the store's functions towards customer experience, not customer service. 

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Customer Experience Engineering - part one


Over the past few years, I have conducted a survey of customers to understand their likelihood to return to a retailer based on the "experience" they had shopping there. I would stand outside a retail store and talk to customers as they left or I would post on an online survey or even sent surveys to customers via email through various retailers. 

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Strategies to Wow Retail Customers


Here are some other techniques towards prosperity in retail:

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Ways Fear of Failure Blocks Your Path to Success -part1

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It's important to realize that there is nothing stopping you from living an amazing life - a life you’ve dreamed of since you started your entrepreneurial journey. We live in an incredible time. Today, we have access to information and tools in a way that makes what was once out of reach possible for any entrepreneur.

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Teknoland Stores

تکنولند تیتر   

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Shamshiri Restaurant
Padideh Shandiz


Alto Rosario store
Nike+ Run Club


BWM Office



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