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Ways Fear of Failure Blocks Your Path to Success -part2

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Following the analytical approach to the ways fear of failure could get in your way to success and business prosperity, in this part of the article, we will touch on two other aspects of this matter, as follows.

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Ways Fear of Failure Blocks Your Path to Success -part1

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It's important to realize that there is nothing stopping you from living an amazing life - a life you’ve dreamed of since you started your entrepreneurial journey. We live in an incredible time. Today, we have access to information and tools in a way that makes what was once out of reach possible for any entrepreneur.

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It is generally accepted that humans find sanctuary in the places that surround them. Ray Oldenburg, author of 'The Great Good Place' explains that people attach to three key places; their homes, their place of work and finally a place that helps them get through the day, in most cases a small community space such as a coffee shop.

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Top Ways to Turn Off Customers - Part 3

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In the first part of this article, we discussed three tips to improve visual merchandising in retail stores using the least fund available. Here are some other tips to attract more customers.

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Teknoland Stores

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